Virtual reality for $99 - Samsung's bid for the mainstream

Virtual reality for the masses has arrived, with Samsung Electronics launching a new version of its Gear VR headset for just US$99.

Teaming up with Oculus, the technology company behind the revolutionary Oculus Rift virtual reality system, Samsung created a cheaper, lighter and more comfortable headset that build on the previous editions of its Gear Innovator Edition headsets already on the market in Australia.

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Oculus VR’s new game controller, Oculus Touch, for their virtual reality headset is surprisingly pretty smooth. Oculus VR unveiled their Oculus Touch at PAX Prime 2015. Oculus set up a special sound-proof room with a large square pad as your stage. They placed the Oculus Rift, along with a pair of headphones, on your head first.

Next, the Oculus instructor told me to hold out my hands straight in front of me with my fingers pointing out. He slipped on the wrist holders and adjusted the straps so the controls would fly off during the demo. The control sticks were comfortable and lightweight. The instructor then calibrated the Oculus Touch to match my hand movements.


A shopper in France gazes into a virtual reality headset and is transported to the bustle of a Manhattan street, then steps into a high-end boutique to browse crystal chandeliers, a chaise lounge draped with a sheepskin throw, and designer trousers.

Virtual reality, the panoramic technology with roots in gaming, is being adapted for retail consumers within the next year, aiming to pair the ease of e-commerce with the thrill of real-life shopping.