Production services


Veality will provide your organisation with 360 video content production and fully immersive 3D modeled environments to meet a range of training and presentation requirements. This means the possibilities are almost limitless for what you set out to achieve.

360 video production

360 video production offers your business a more engaging and affordable alternative to desktop based learning. We can deliver a more realistic and immersive experience for your organisation that will work on a full range of headsets. This means you can deliver content in a way that works best for your organisation on a situation by situation basis.

Your organisation does not need to have purpose built spaces to deliver VR training. Participants are generally seated or in a fixed standing position.

We will work with you to help you achieve the outcomes you’re aiming for by running workshops to ensure the navigation is well planned and designed.

While many of the skills from traditional film production and editing are transferable from traditional forms of film production, our team are trained to allow for the unique 360 production environment so you benefit from the efficiencies gained from specialist experience.

3D modeled environments

At Veality we also design and develop 3D modeled environments. These training backdrops require high end headsets and PC delivery for maximum effect. A 3D modeled environment enables your trainees to walk around in a re-created workplace and respond to fictional events based on real-life scenarios. These types of VR training backdrops are particularly effective for higher risk training. An example of this is creating an accident and response program.